Jana Marie Lyons, LE,CME

From the time she had her first makeover, to the day she started doing odd jobs in return for lip gloss, Jana Marie Lyons knew she was destined for the beauty industry.

At 18, she became a makeup artist with Estee Lauder, making women feel good and look even better. Shortly after, Jana Marie started attending school at the Florida College of Natural Health where she became a qualified Paramedical Esthetician. She realized that makeup only offered a temporary beauty solution for these women, while great skin and body care could offer a more permanent, invaluable solution.

With over ten years experience in the beauty industry and additional education in modalities like laser hair treatments and electrolysis hair removal, Jana Marie is much more than your average beauty guru. She’s developed a reputation for her cosmetic expertise, specializing in custom facials designed for each individual’s skin conditions.

Her favorite skin type to work with is acne, where she both treats the symptoms and focuses on discovering the root of her clients’ problems. During her work with a leading dermatologist, Jana Marie was able to focus on learning the multiple reasons for this skin condition. Today, she combines this knowledge with exceptional customer care, making it her ultimate mission to see her customers’ heads held high – not hiding under a mask of makeup.